Subject: Re: Cooking lessons on our travels
Hi Ziners,

One of the highlights of our trip to Italy a couple of years ago was to stay at Mami Camilla Cooking School in S'ant Agnello just outside of Sorrento. The place is run by a wonderful Neapolitan couple Biago and Camilla Longo and their son Giussepi who speaks fluent English. We stumbled on it while we were trying to find accommodation in Sorrento. Neither my husband nor I were particularly interested in taking cooking lessons but the place looked intriguing and was very inexpensive, so we decided to take a chance and stay there. It turned out to be a gem. We were surprised to find a small farm in the middle of a residential area with pigs, roosters and goats and two large dogs that turned out to be extremely gentle. Cooking lessons are given by Biagio in the kitchen and then everyone gathers in the large dining/living room to partake of a sumptuous 4 course meal cooked by the students. We did not take any lessons, but the food smelled so good that we inquired if we could join them for dinner. At 15 EU per person including wine, it was a real treat. Dining is very informal. We liked it so much that we ate there for two of the four nights we stayed there.

You can find the Cooking School on the following website:

Etta in Toronto