Subject: Re: London Eats
Hi Ziners,

Having just returned from London we found this article intriguing. On our first night in London we ventured to the Hard Rock Cafe after last being there 20 odd years ago. Chicken fajitas and hamburger plus 4 bottles of sparkling water amounted to 64 Pounds Sterling. Following the recommendation of another Ziner we located an Italian eatery called ASK!. The food, service and wine selection were good. BTW, there is also an ASK! in Bath, England. We also enjoyed lunch at the Tate Modern and in the National Gallery- Sanisbury Wing. Both offered excellent choices and fair prices. One of our evening we spent at Audley's Pub in Mayfair, with some fellow Philadelphian's and Philly radio personalities being hosted in London by The food and ale were both superb. Other than the Hard Rock, the prices were about what we expected and had planned for.

Vince & Gerry in Philadelphia