Subject: Re: French and Italian language help
Stephanie -

In France - point and say:

"Je voudrais... (pronounced: je = the j in jar) (voudrais = voodray) and add after you point: "s'il vous plait" (pronounced: like window 'sil' -- vous = voo, plait = play) This means -- I would like... please. Everyone will be happy.

Supermarkets are great and they are much like we have so that you can "see" everything. If you want them to slice a piece of cheese to taste, ask for a "un morceau" or "une etranche" (morceau = more sew; etranche = a tronche -- using a long 'a'. This means: a little piece, or a slice (2nd one).

If you combine things, you could say: I would like a little piece or a slice, please -- putting the 2 phrases together. In a bakery, just point and say, I would like... please -- as my husband does - always!!!

If you're confused, please email me and I'll try to clarify things.

Regards, Susie Newton, MA