Subject: Re: Chiang Mai, Thailand
Hi Alan and Catherine,

I am sorry to hear you had such a bad experience with dining out in Chiang Mai.

We have been there a couple of times and I know that there are some wonderful restaurants. One of our favorites is: THE WHOLE EARTH, 88 Sndonchai Road, A. Muang, Chiang Mai Tel. 282 463

It is a very old Thai house with a nice garden and they serve Thai and Indian food and it is just great.

Last time we were there there was a huge rainstorm going on and together with some American tourists we had our dinner and we were joking about the rain which didn't stop and after 2 hours of rain, our dinner had ended of course, there was so much water around the restaurant that it was if we were on a ship. The restaurant building is a 2 floor- building but the restaurant is (fortunately) on the second floor and the first floor had dissapeared in water. We had so much fun because the American tourist was from Alaska and he was so happy about this flood and made pictures all the time because he had never seen something like this.

We ended up walking through the water with someone from the very friendly staff holding a huge umbrella above us and the owner of the restaurant had a 4-wheel drive and brought us to our hotel. Hard to imagine this was in the dry season!! End of november!!

I think there are many tourists in Chiang Mai but it is pleasant place to spend some days as is the whole of Thailand.

Regards, Marianne Netherlands