Subject: Trip to Yunnan, China, and Hong Kong
Hello Fellow Ziners,

My sister and I will be going to Kunming, capital of Yunnan Province from May 11th to the 28th. Our itinerary includes 10 days in Kunming (where we have business that will occupy us only for the mornings until about 9 am, and the evenings after 7 pm, so we have the days free), 3 days in Lijiang (west of Kunming), and 3 days in Yangshuo (east of Kunming).

I choose the latter towns because of our interest in minority cultures and beautiful landscapes (like the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain range around Lijiang, and the boat trip along the Lesser Li River outside of Yangshuo). I will be booking flights and arranging bus trips to these locations when we are in Kunming, because I understand that it is less expensive to book domestic flights from within China.

From the 28th to the 31st, we will be in Hong Kong, staying at the Salisbury YMCA.

I am hoping for suggestions from China savy Ziners about the possible challenges regarding booking flights, buying bus tickets, and arranging day trips without Chinese language skills. As well, I welcome any suggestions about sights worth seeing within Kunming and surrounding area, and Lijiang and Yangshuo. Our itinerary is still pretty flexible and open to modification, so all ideas are welcome!

Perhaps other Ziners may be in Hong Kong during the last 3 days of May and a get together might be possible?

I look forward to your feedback!

Thanks, Terry Vancouver, B.C.