Subject: Toronto accommodations
Hi, fellow Ziners!

I think there are several Torontonians in this list, and many who have visited Toronto. By the way, thanks to those who answered my question about trains in Spain. I went ahead and reserved a ticket on line with Renfe by placing only my passport numbers, omitting the letters and "faking" the postal code, which the Renfe employee said it was not important.

Now, my 86 year old mother and my 20 something 2nd cousin will be coming to Canada and after some days in Vancouver will be staying in Toronto 4 nights in the middle of June. I am trying to find accommodations for them. My mother does not speak a word of English, but my 2nd cousin does speak English. I would like to find accommodations for them in a central area and that are affordable. Does anyone have suggestions for bed and breakfasts or hotels?

Thanks from Helio in Vancouver