Subject: Quebec
Hi Ziners,

My husband and I want to spend about a week in Quebec in late May or early June. We would be driving from upstate NY.

We definitely want to head for Quebec City and probably visit Montreal on our way back. I'm also thinking that I've always wanted to visit the Gaspe Penninsula. However, we are very open to suggestions about where to go and what to see. We like B&Bs and love to soak up the local culture.

I'm not sure how practical this is, but I've sort of fantasized about taking our bikes. I know there are some great bike trails around Chambly, but am not sure about elsewhere. That's only a thought.

Also, if we spend time in rural Quebec, how much French is it necessary to know? I know that Canadian French is somewhat different from what I learned in school. Will my French French (with a strong American accent) be understood?

Any tips about what to do, where to stay and where to eat in Quebec City, Montreal and in between would be much appreciated.

We'll be on a budget, both by necessity and choice.

Landra Columbia County, NY