Subject: Re: Italian Language Help
Hi Stephanie and other Ziners -

I've been taking Italian classes to prepare for our trip at the end of April. We want to have picnics also, so hope this helps you.

To go is "da asporto" in Italian. I'll have this is "Prendo questo." That's enough is "basta cosi". Where is the market is "dov'e il mercato"? (doh-ve eel mer-ca-to) and probably most important, two slices of pizza is "due fette di pizza".

When ordering, Italians do not say please as often as English speakers. Rather, say "Grazie" instead.

Also, Ciao is used for friends only. For the Italians you'll meet, say Buongiurno for hello and Arrivederci or Arrivederla for good-bye. Have a wonderful trip

Margaret in Toronto