Subject: Re: Do It Yourself Safari Booking
Greetings people ...

whether or not you can or should arrange a safari online, in country or with a local agent probably depends, a great deal, on the country you want to visit and the style you wish to travel.

the last time we were in africa, in 2000, we did different things in different places. in south africa the infrastructure and road conditions are such that you can have a great experience in a rented 2wd car and that's what we did. in tanzania the roads are such, and the cost structure as well, that it is cheaper and much much better to do a safari - we arranged with Sunny Safaris online and had a very inexpensive (like $80/day/person) camping safari with exactly what we wanted to do (a high end trip with the same itinerary would be on the order of $350/day/person - and these are year 2000 prices). in uganda our goal was directed at the mt gorilla and we HAD to arrange our date 6 months in advance and we hired a 4wd with driver and created a week trip around the one day w/mt gorillas.

you can have wonderful wildlife safaris in many locations ... kenya, tanzania, south africa, swaziland, madagascar, botswana - even consider gabon and cameroon depending on your goals. feel free to contact me if you have questions about our experiences.

Harold Goldstein Washington D.C. area