Subject: Re: Quebec
Hi Ziners and Landra,

In Quebec city we have some interesting cycle tracks.It is possible to go to Montmorency Falls on cycle track "La piste du Littoral".From the Old Port it is a ride of about 30 minutes.The track is parallel to St-Lawrence river. From the Old Port,it is possible to go to Cartier Bré- beuf Park on a sidewalk near St-Charles river.(15 minutes ride)

On the cycle track "La piste des cheminots",which begins near the Old Port,you can go to Wendake, an indian territory (Village des Hurons),about 45 minutes ride. You can go farther like Valcartier, Duchesnay, St-Raymond de Portneuf and Rivière-à-Pierre. It is possible to rent bicycles in Old Port.

On my point of view,to go to Gaspé is very far ,for a visit of one week. From Quebec city you will drive on Trans Canada highway as far as Cacouna (2 hours).After Cacouna you will drive on road 132,which is narrower.

Don't worry about your French.You will always find people who can help you with a mixture of English and French...(and willingness)

To visit Quebec city,you don't need your car.Parking is a problem in Old Quebec.You get a fine of $35 if the car is at the wrong place...

You can write to us if you have more questions. Bienvenue à Québec (welcome to Quebec city) Marc Hawey Cécile Gareau Quebec city