Subject: Re: Quebec
Hi Landra,

We spent a few days in Quebec City last year July and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We are also on a budget and stayed in B&B accommodation in the lower city. Still within walking distance of the old city and the Petit-Champlain areas. Unfortunately we had to shift B&Bs after the first night to another nearby. Both were good!

The first was Couette et café La Bohème 650, rue de la Reine. The room was comfortable and breakfast was good.

The second night we were in La Maison Daulac 293, avenue Daulac. The room was, if anything, more comfortable and the breakfast was wonderful. The Maison Daulac owner cannot speak English but even with my woeful French (three years secondary school in Australia 40 years ago) we could (sort of) understand each other, so you won't have any problem.

Both B&Bs were about $80CAN for a double.

After Quebec City we drove northwards along the St Lawrence to Saguenay Fiord. Then backtracked to get to a ferry accross the river to Trios Rivieres. From there you can access the Gaspe Peninsula. I would recommend this instead of going to Montreal.

You may access tourist information from the website: This will allow you to order some brochures, which is what we did, and you will get a good idea of the possibilities available.

I hope you have a wonderful trip. Gerrit - Perth, Australia