Subject: Re: Folding Umbrella and the amazing race
Hi Ziners,

In response to Joan - yes, we, too, are hooked on the Amazing Race. We were oohing and aahing with the participants as they drove through Botswana and saw one amazing animal after another beside the road. Looked like a terrific do-it-yourself safari route for Ziners who are asking about that!

As for umbrellas - I have decided after struggling with umbrellas through the years and finding them to be more of a pain than a help, especially when travelling, carting suitcases, cameras, etc., to dispense with them entirely and wear jackets/raincoats/coats with hoods. I have a hooded raincoat that keeps me covered and dry, and a hooded winter coat that I use in colder weather - snow or rain. Much easier and more efficient than umbrellas - give it a try!

Anne in Virginia