Subject: Re: Folding Umbrella? finephotos
Hello fellow soggy Ziners!

> The answer is simple - DON'T take an umbrella with you
> invest in a nice Gortex coat.

I hardly agree!

1. Ten years ago my wife and I spent three weeks in the Pacific Northwest rain forests, etc. After having bad experiences with umbrellas, I purchased a Gortex jacket with a hood at an Eddie Bauer outlet and have been happy ever since. It was a newer, breathable version and does a great job. I still have it.

2, In the fall of 2002 my wife and I toured the United Kingdom for two months. We experience a great deal of bad weather, including gales in Bath and around Cardif with dreadful weather in the Scottish Highlands. I took three umbrellas. The third umbrella blew out on a horrid day in Caerphilly the middle of the third week. I noticed none of the locals using umbrellas! I had my Gortex jacket with me and used it afterward.

So follow the example of those experienced in such, and if in an area of lousy weather, give up the umbrella and wear a gortex jacket.

Of course, if you are in a city like Paris, that often can surprise you, better be practical, like a Parisian, and carry a small compact umbrella and be prepared for an emergency.

Peace, Steve, in Chicago