Subject: Re: Folding Umbrellas?
Hello Fellow Ziners,

While I certainly can understand the no umbrella idea and think it would be great, I can't go with it. I need an umbrella to keep my cameras dry when I shoot the far too many pictures and far too many hours of video on any trip.

I had one of the guaranteed not to turn inside out ones from one of the better known travel catalogues. Well, Ireland turned it inside out though it did snap back. However, it is a bit long for a pocket and has no strap to keep it around my wrist.

So I am on my third or fourth small travel umbrella, having lost at least the last two to the winds, one on a rainy foggy day on top of Mt. Vesuvius and the other one on a rainy, very blustery day in Lourdes. Both of these were easily sacrificed and then replaced quickly.

Sincerely, Joan in Illinois