Subject: Re: Mexico Trip Advice

If I understand correctly, when you are following the Caribbean coast, you will be driving northwards toward Cancun. If so, the small road from Tulum toward Valladolid is paved and in good shape; you don't need to drive all the way to Cancun to catch the toll road. This cut-off will save a lot of time, and the road between Tulum and Cancun is not very attractive; it is not on the coast.

The ruins at Tulum are interesting, partly for the natural setting on the coast. Coba also good, but it is not as well excavated as the other sites and it is so large in area that you need to rent a bicycle or pedicab to get around.

The beach near Tulum has many lodgings that consist of cabanas or small hotel buildings. We enjoyed our stay at one of them, the Mayatulum, and several others looked nice as well. Let me know if you're interested, I have lots of information.

Don't miss the flamingos!

Carol in Boulder