Subject: Obscure airports and fowl-ups
Ziners, Sometimes the best discoveries and experiences come from a foul-up in travelling planning. We've had a few. Our recent flight to NYC had us landing in Westchester. The bonus was that we took the train into Grand Central Station.

In Australia, our Darwin-Cairns flight was diverted to Mt. Ida for refueling. Something to do with the heat and the amount of fuel the plane could load up on in Darwin. We found it amusing to realize that there were probably more people on the flight than in the community at the time.

We "missed" a flight from Madrid to Toronto and had an extra day to enjoy Spanish food and hospitality.

In Nepal, a series of events allowed us to spend an extra night in Kathmandu, at a luxury hotel, courtesy of Thai Airways. Though we arrived in Canada a day later than planned, we were given special treatment all the way on the long trek from Kathmandu via Bangkok, Hong Kong and Vancouver to Toronto.

So Ziners, what obscure airports have you been in? What foul-up did you encounter during your travels that turned out to be more fun than you expected? Lucy, Toronto