Subject: Re: Obscure airports/bus stations and foul-ups
Hi Lucy and Ziners,

It is not an airport I like to report about, but a bus station. In 1987 I was touring the USA with my father and we used the Greyhound bus service. We took the bus from Niagara Falls to Memphis (or so we thought) , but this was not the case, it actually was going to Pittsburgh and after some checking we were told to get off in Erie (PA) and wait for the next connection from there.

We got off the bus around 8pm darkness around us and walked into the nearest restaurant which was open, a MacDonald's. The people inside were looking at us in wonder. We looked like tourists (I think our suit cases and accents gave that away) and "nobody ever visits Erie (PA)". We had a lovely salad bar and some ribs, if I remember correctly and left for our planned destination by midnight.

I have never been back to Erie and things may have changed there over the years, but all that I will remember is the friendliness of the people we talked to. When they found out we were over from Europe and really visited Erie by mistake, they answered our questions and wanted to know about us as well.

An experience I am glad I had.

Bard Vos Spain