Subject: Re: Obscure airports and fowl-ups
Hi Ziners,

As my night flight was coming in for a landing into Westchester County - not an obscure airport for me ;-} - I realized that I couldn't see any lights out the window. I knew that instrument landings were not allowed at the small facility and I remarked as much to the person sitting next to me. The words no sooner came out of my mouth, when the plane suddenly pulled up and the pilot announced we would circle until the fog lifted.

An hour later, the pilot announced, "The good news is, we are finally landing. The bad news is, we are at Lehigh Valley Airport near Allentown, PA." Some people rented cars. I chose to take a flight the next day, but I had to take a puddle jumper to Philadelphia first.

The next day, very high winds kept small planes grounded. A bus would take us to Philly, and then we could fly to Westchester. As I was on a line to register for the bus, it was announced, "Small planes will now be able to fly. However, we strongly recommend that if you tend to get motion sickness, wait for a later flight." Two of us boarded the 19-seater and we had a ride that was worthy of an amusement park attraction! On the connector to Westchester, that announcement was not made, but the ride was not much better. No one upchucked, that I knew of, but as we deplaned, one woman was still sitting straight up, stiff as a board, her hands clenched on both sides of her seat and her eyes tight shut.

Carrie, Bardonia, NY