Subject: Re: Obscure airports and fowl-ups
Ziners --

In Europe, Ryanair, an Irish low-fare airline, flies to lots of obscure airports to get around high airport fees. I've flown the airline once and won't do it again because the airports are too inconvenient.

I live in Paris, which is served by two airports, Charles de Gaulle and Orly. Ryanir flies from what it calls "Paris" Beauvais. Beauvais is over an hour north of Paris and is tiny. As far as I can tell only Ryanair flies from there. Passengers generally take a bus, which they must pay for, to get to Beauvais.

We flew from Beauvais to Prestwick in Scotland, which we thought was close to Edinburgh, our destination. Prestwick is not Edinburgh's airport, but the city of Ayr's, about an hour by train from Edinburgh (less if you're going to Glasgow). Again, I don't know any other airline that uses Prestwick.

Bons voyages! Evan in Paris