Subject: Re: The Amazing Race
Hi Ziners,

I too enjoy The Amazing Race usually, although I have missed quite a few of the current ones. I have to say though that I often twinge at how we come off as the stereotypical Ugly Americans". I'm embarrassed for my country that the host country and other world viewers may be judging us by some of these contestants with their I'm- the-only-one-who-matters- here attitude. I read a review of the show the other day that pointed out that much of the beauty of a place seems to be completely overlooked in the challenge to get ahead, and even as viewers we don't see as much as we would like. And that with the addition of celebrities like Rob and Amber-- yikes! the competition is getting uglier. I just hope that other world viewers don't think that these people represent the majority of American travelers, and one can only hope that it is the editing that makes us look that way and that it really isn't that bad! Does this bother anyone else?

Nancy in beautiful Houston Texas USA