Subject: Re: Sedona AZ
Dear Nancy and other Ziners!

Ah you will love Sedona and environs. I just returned from a three day Elderhostal session with several extra days on my own. Recommend driving to the Grand Canyon; the South Rim isn't that far! Also take several jeep rides into the hills. I went with the Adventure Company located at Tiaquepaque, an elaborate shopping-dining area but there are various jeep touring offices all over the place. Sedona has a wesite: There are all sorts and kinds of restaurants and shops, omigawd, do they have shops! There are also many good trails if you are a walker/hiker. Sunset is magnificant. You could possibly Email North Star mapping at nsmapping @ (close spaces)for a list of their maps of Sedona and the area. Also Oh you will have a suberb experience!

Jo in Sunnyvale CA