Subject: Re: Obscure airports and fowl-ups

with only one flight a day, and having to get to your ship on the same day ... I wouldnīt really try it. I would have flown the previous day, seriously. With low cost airlines I donīt like to make connections (either to other flights, or to trains and boats).

Low cost airlines have a tendence to get delayed, unless you are getting the first flight of the day. Bear into mind that your plane will have flown previously something like Stansted-Berlin and then Berlin-Paris before doing Paris-Barcelona (it is simply an example of how these airlines manage to cover so many destinations with so few planes). The plane accumulates delays along the day, and a flight at noon will be more likely to have a delay than an early flight.

I think that arriving the day before and staying in Barcelona would have given you peace of mind and a bit of time to experience a great city.

Rgds, Covadonga Bilbao, Madrid - Spain