Subject: Eastern Europe & Russia?
Welcome to the Zine, Pam, and Happy Spring or Fall to All!

Pam's mention (excerpted below) of her travel experience in Eastern Europe prompted me to post.

>> Pam said: My first exposure to Central and Eastern Europe happened in 2000 and I think that my timing was excellent there also. I found Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland to be cleaner and more welcoming than their Western European neighbors. <<

Across the middle European latitudes, we have traveled only as far east as Prague, but are considering spending a month this summer digging deeper into Eastern Europe and going into Russia, as well. We would be traveling as a family of 4; our kids are 14 and 12 and are enthusiastic and flexible traveling companions. We don't "dummy down" our itineraries on their account, and they always find ways to inject some youthful fun for all along the way!

Pam and others, do you recommend any highlight destinations or "must do" activities that you think would appeal to us? I am always looking for something special to add to the usual tourist's trek, or even plan around, such as a cultural event (annual festival?), a spectacular hike, anything related to the water (boating, water sports, beaches), or an unusual lodging.

TIA for any insight you can offer!

Diana Ball near Houston, TX