Subject: Re: Heathrow and London transportation
Hi Gail & Ziners,

On our recent London trip we opted for the Heathrow Express to Paddington and then chose a taxi to our hotel in Kensington. We were glad we did, as the taxi driver provided us with a wealth of information. His view was that the Tube is the best means of travel within London to maximize your time while on holiday. On departure day we found to our dismay that a major vehicle accident occurred near Paddington causing ALL trains to be stopped. This on Good Friday a major travel day in the UK. Even though we travel light and after much discussion we agreed on a taxi to Heathrow(ouch). This cost about 45 pounds from our hotel and the nearest Tube station would have required several flights of stairs to be navigated. We purchased both Heathrow Express and our London Travelcard from before we departed.

Have a wonderful trip, Vince & Gerry in sunny Philadelphia