Subject: Re: Heathrow and London transportation
Hi Ziners,

I've taken the Heathrow Express, the Tube, a black cab, a mini-cab, as well as a private car, between Heathrow and Central London. If I have the time and it doesn't involve too many changes with too many stairs, I definitely prefer the Tube.

The Heathrow Express is great if you're staying in Bayswater, Nottinghill, or Kensington, but otherwise I find the hassle of getting to where I'm going from Paddington just isn't worth it.

The first time I was in London, I made the mistake of booking a flight for something like 9am on a Sunday. Of course we had to leave our hotel before the London Transport system was awake for the day. I ended up having a cab pick us up at our hotel at 6am. It was expensive but totally hassle free. Now I book flights for no earlier than noon.

Landra, Columbia County NY