Subject: Re: Cape Breton Island
Hi Ann and Ziners,

I was in (or is it 'on'??...hmmmmmm) Cape Breton Island in September 2003 on my bicycle. I did the Cabot Trail in 5 days. It is..... by my humble opinion...the most beautiful place in Canada...maybe in North America (that I've seen so far). The ocean views are spectacular. The Cape Breton Highlands National Park is at the northern end and have some of the best hiking trails and some of the nicer drives in Canada. Ingonish Beach on the east coast, and the Acadian village of Cheticamp on the west are two entry points to the park. There's a great information centre at the Cheticamp entrance...worth stopping to see. On the northern tip is Meat Cove, a small village with awesome ocean views. Pleasant Bay, a quiet little town on the north west corner of the Cabot Trail is the nicest on Cape Breton Island in my mind. I stayed 1 night at the Cabot Trail Youth Hostel in Pleasant Bay and had the time of my life. For Celtic music I would suggest Cheticamp, Baddeck, and St Anns. Baddeck is the starting point for most trips around the trail.Alexander Graham Bell lived and I believe died on Cape Breton Island and called it his favorite place. There is an Alexander Graham Bell museum in Baddeck.

I've been to a few places so far......but I have to say that not much has matched Cape Breton Island!

Gary in Montreal