Subject: Re: French Word-A-Day
Hi Anne Woodyard.

I too subscribe to and like French Word-A-Day.

I've also been using the lessons on this site to brush up on my French: PBS series, Prof. Capretz, 50 lessons.

Also, on the Radio France International site, there is a feature called "Le Journal en Francais Facile," and you can listen to the broadcast and also read along. This is pretty good practice, and deals with current affairs. It's great for picking up on the cadence and the rhythm of the language, but I have to admit that I still have a long way to go!

We're leaving for Paris and Provence in 45 days (who's counting?).

The excitement is mounting. Tonight, I will book the final travel leg on the SNCF site (Avignon to Roissy). I'm trying to resist my tendency to overplan, but I have booked a table at the D'Orsay museum restaurant on-line, and I've asked our Paris hotel to book us in one night at La Cave de L'Os a Moelle and another night at L'Auvergne Gourmande. I've also asked our Arles hotel to book a table for lunch at La Chassagnette, the highly recommended restaurant on the road to the Camargue.

Kevin Douglas, NB, Canada