Subject: Re: Hawaii Honeymoon
Dear Connie,

Just this Sunday, we returned from a 2 week trip to Hawaii. The second week we stayed at Poipu Beach on Kauai. It was beautiful and Poipu was a great location. Please make sure that they rent a car. It was very reasonable. Without it they would miss Waimea Canyon, Kokee State Park Lookout over the Na Pali Coast and many other wonderful sights. If I could suggest one thing, the Helipcopter ride should not be missed. We used Will Sqyres Company. It was the best. I missed a lot during the ride because my eyes were filled with tears of joy to be viewing such awesome sights. It is not cheap. but if I could only do one thing, I would eat crackers for a week, just so as not to miss the helicopter experience. We felt very safe and had a really knowageable, skilled pilot named Jodie. Also for a splurge dinner, Roys at Poipu Beach was unforgettable. They should also spend a day on the North Coast of Kauai at the beaches, Princeville and Hanalei Bay.

Hope this helps and that they have a wonderful honeymoon. Donna in Pittsburgh