Subject: Re: Travelling for music missharont
Hi! Ziners,

I can heartily recommend the Santa Fe Opera, Jamie. About five or six years ago, we saw a production of "Don Giovanni" on opening weekend of the Santa Fe Opera. Excellent. We stayed at the Hotel St. Francis. On certain days you can meet in the lobby of the hotel with a professor from the University of New Mexico for a walking tour of Santa Fe. It was most enjoyable and educational and not too expensive.

Another music festival that we have travelled to is the Ravinia festival in Chicago.

What fun it is! Everyone packs elegant picnic dinners, bringing fine china, cadelabras, flowers, etc. They arrive way before the music starts and enjoy themselves. There are also food vendors, if you are visiting and can't bring all the gear. The train takes you right to the festival. I can't wait to go back.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Sharon Stockstill Houston,Texas