Subject: Re: Hidden Oregon Coast

Seven years ago, I spent a long weekend in Portland and on the Oregon coast. If you like getting out of your car to enjoy the natural scenery, I can personally recommend two wonderful hikes:

Tillamook Head is about 20 miles south of Astoria. The hike is part of the Oregon Coast Trail on the forested cliffs above the pounding Pacific. The sounds and sights are very dramatic. But even neater is the fact that you are walking in the footsteps of the Lewis and Clark expedition. Be prepared for some muddy sections of the trail.

Saddle Mountain is a few miles inland on Highway 26 on the way from the coast to Portland. It is a three mile hike up to the top, but the panoramic view can be spectacular. Saddle Mountain is the highest point in NW Oregon so you are looking down on just about everything immediately around you. If the weather is clear you may be able to see in the distance Mt St Helens, Mt Hood, Mt Adams, etc.

Have a great trip! Mark in the flatlands of Los Angeles