Subject: Re: Travelling for music
Hi Lucy & Ziners,

Traveling for music brought back some fond memories of performances we have ventured to attend through the years. Friends/clients of mine are Opera performers and several years ago we were in Rome and ventured to Milan by train on the spur of the moment to hear their performance of Toscana. Next year they will perform at the MET in New York.

In the Summer of '03, following a wonderful GTG in Toronto we extended our stay in Cooperstown, NY to attend the summer opening of the Glimerglass Opera House. We were not disappointed.

Classical music aside we have also traveled to attend classic rock concerts. Boston in 1998 saw the reunion of Bruce Springsteen with his band and we always enjoy a trip to Boston. When there are shows we think we will enjoy, traditionally we plan a weekend getaway, such as in Atlantic City, New York or Baltimore. Additionally we have traveled to the southern US to attend a Jimmy Buffett concert when it has been cold and snowy in the Philadelphia area. On our summer vacation I am leaving one day early to see Jimmy Buffett in Pittsburgh on my way to meet Gerry in Chicago.

The Philadelphia area has several musical related events in the summer time. July 4th in Philadelphia traditionally has a free concert to coincide with our "Welcome America" event. This year Sir Elton John and Patti Labelle will perform.

The Philadelphia suburbs offer Musicfest in Bethlehem:

And Philadelphia Folk Festival presents their summer festival:

No matter your taste in music, mixing it in with travel makes a wonderful pairing!

Vince & Gerry in Philadelphia.