Subject: Re: Travelling for music
Hello Musical Ziners-

As a music teacher, much of my travel has been based around a musical event, such as a piano teachers workshop or conference (I always sought out the ones in europe!). We have enjoyed some fabulous concerts at these events - I remember an evening in Ravello, on the Amalfi Coast, where we thrilled to the music of a pianist on a stage jutting out high over the sea, which glittered in the light of a full moon. We've enjoyed concerts in private gardens, in ancient cloisters, on floating barges in Amsterdam's canals, even in antique shops, where the musicians described their replica period instruments as being of the same era as the furniture that surrounded us. We have had such wonderful experiences at these varied events that we were inspired to begin a business that would enable us to share the joy with others, which makes it more fun than ever!

Some day we would love to go to the Boston Early Music Festival, which takes place every other year - and this year is one. We've heard lots of wonderful things about it from Ziner Susie in Boston. Although we'll be in europe when it takes place, maybe other Ziners can enjoy it. Here is the website:

Happy musical travels- Anne in Virginia