Subject: Re: What wouldn't you leave behind?
Hi Frances & Ziners:

Apart from the obvious like comfortable shoes, camera and film (lots), etc., I am lost without a universal sink plug (two actually, neither one fits all sinks; I normally do my own laundry), and on my most recent trip, a space blanket. It can get surprisingly cold in the tropics and some places do not supply extra blankets (I have stayed in places that use sheets only, and even those not normally required) so I the space blanket was invaluable; it's warm, light weight, cheap, and takes up about as much space in the backpack as a small pocket packet o of kleenex (only lighter). The other item I take more often than not and use all the time is a portable, dual voltage immersion heater, for that morning cup of coffee or tea, or just to boil suspect water. And my petzl head lamp ... much easier when stumbling off to the shared facilities or outhouses than carrying a torch, and terrific for reading in bed when there's not bedside light (or electricity).

Heaps of other things that won't spring immediately to mind, it's too early in the morning for real thought.

Nadine Vancouver