Subject: Re: Europe trip advice needed
Hi Sherill,

In order to decide if a Eurail Pass (or German Rail Pass) would be cost effective, you must decide on your itinerary, i.e., how much you will actually be using the train, will you be staying in Germany, the number travel days over what period of time, etc. Without this information, you'd be guessing.

When you have some idea of your needs, go to to compute the cost of the passes and compare the point-to-point cost.

Of course you could do it the other way around. If you want the convenience of using the passes, you can design your itinerary to get the most from the pass(es) you select.

Have you been to Europe previously? Will you be traveling on a budget? What are your interests? Ziners will be forthcoming with their suggestions if you give them more info to work with.

Cheers! Linda Toronto