Subject: Re: Things to do in London
Hi Lucy,

London is my favorite city so I just love the Museum of London. I've only been there once (and want to go back) and found it to be fascinating. We went to the Wallace Collection last year and enjoyed it. It is worth a visit, but, in my opinion, only if you've been to London a number of times already. The Globe Theatre is wonderful. We've taken a tour, which was really interesting, and last year we went to a performance, which was a fabulous experience.

Last time we were in London, we went to Greenwich, and we did it through London Walks ( It was a great way to go (took the boat there with the group and came back on our own) and we learned a lot from the tour guide. We also had a fun (and cheap) lunch at Goddard's Pie Shop.

Most of my visits to London have been for three days, so I know you can see and do a lot in that amount of time. It's funny that in all our visits, we haven't seen the inside of St. Paul's yet either.

Jamie Natick, MA