Subject: Re: Paris hotel near the Louvre
Hi, Bettina and Ziners,

You wanted a recommendation for a hotel close to the Louvre. How about *across* from the Louvre and next to the Palais Royal? Even though I fell from the marble landing and broke my leg there almost 2 years ago, I still love the Hotel du Louvre Wonderful service. In fact, when I was in Paris last July, I visited the hotel again on a walk, and it was just as beautiful as I remembered. The front desk personnel didn't know me from Eve, but when I walked up and asked if they could call a taxi for me, immediately the front desk manager called over an employee to flag down a taxi for me. The employee had to walk down to the street to do this, and he quickly hailed a taxi for me. He was so gracious about it, too. My family is staying there again in October.

At this URL for Expedia, you'll find photos and information on the hotel. Expedia is advertising rates beginning at $311 a night. It's a luxurious hotel, and I highly recommend it:

Diana San Diego, California