Subject: Re: Scotland

I think you have an important decision to make - spend your Scotland time in the South (Glasgow, Edinburgh, Sterling) or the North (Highlands and Islands). I am with Carol - I vote for the North.

On my first trip to Scotland, the proprietress of our B&B, Mrs. Duncan, asked where we were visiting. We said that we had just come from Edinburgh. She sighed and said, "I guess that cities are all right for some people, but here you have the beautiful countryside." She was right, of course.

On a subsequent trip, we used Inverness as a base for day trips in the Highlands. We indulged in golf and whiskey tasting, but there are myriad other things to do and see. Or you can just enjoy the hospitality and local color of the people away from the cities. If you have seen the movie "Local Hero," then you have a vivid illustration of the scenery and the people in the North of Scotland.

Sláinte, Mark in Los Angeles