Subject: Re: Europe trip advice needed
Hi Sherrill,

I always hate to feel I'm giving advice, but to share my own experience with you I've loved traveling in Germany and envy you such a great opportunity. All the contrasts of the major cities and the beautiful little villages that seem never to change. The plethora of castles, museums, etc. Not to mention the unbelievable bakeries. A month will not be long enough.

Also, the friend I traveled with was a vegan and some of the meals she was served were so great and so beautifully presented a lot of us thought of declaring ourselves vegetarians. Of course, we were with a tour group and that may have made a difference, but they can do it. Tell your son to be sure and learn the German phrase for ordering a strictly vegan meal. It may work wonders.

Have a wonderful experience.

Happy travels to all, Lou in Lakeway, TX