Subject: Escape From Winter
Hello everyone.

We have been back in Canada following our first post retirement trip for just over one cold wet week now. Is it only two weeks since Tony asked me if I weren't getting bored with the constant hot sunny weather and wouldn't I welcome some rain? Well the answer then is the same as now, no, no, no.

The silk wall hangings I bought in Laos and the acrylic on raw silk painting from Cambodia are hanging on our walls and if it weren't for them I might think I had imagined the past four months.

I need help. Next winter we plan to do things a little differently. We want to rent an apartment for 5 - 6 months, somewhere relatively inexpensive with lovely warm or hot weather not much rain and definitely no snow. So fellow Ziners, where have you been in your travels that you thought you might like to stay for a lengthy visit, if only you didn't have to head back to the office? All suggestions gratefully received and researched.

Regards, Sue Waterloo ON