Subject: Online hotel reservations
Hello Ziners,

I would like to thank everyone who made suggestions for a Paris hotel near the Louvre. I have not made a final selection but I wonder how people decide to make a reservation - either from the hotel website or a site that offers better prices.

I see that there is a reasonable penalty, if any, from hotel websites but it appears that one has to pay immediately with our credit card if we order from a regular travel site.

Do you all just gamble that it is worth the savings to use a travel search engine and has anyone tried to cancel a reservation on a travel website after it has been charged to your card?

I am only in Paris for three days and it appears that there is a small spread between hotel websites and travel sites.

I did recently use the internet for a Hilton Hotel reservation and there was only nine dollars difference between the hotel's site and several other websites.

Bettina Jerusalem