Subject: Re: Alaska Cruise Excursions
Hi Eileen and Ziners,

We took and Alaskan cruise last July with Royal Caribbean. It was return Vancouver to Vancouver and we visited, Skagway, Ketichan, Juneau, Hubbard Glacier and even cruised up the Misty Fjord which was Beautiful. In Skagway we debated taking the White Pass railroad trip but because we had a 6 year old with us decided at the last moment to book a tour with one of the tour operators set up along side the cruise ship pier. It was a great choice as we traveled with a small group in a 10 passenger van and our driver was most entertaining and so knowledgeable about the Yukon. On the way back he even treated us with a recital of "The Cremation of Sam Magee" by Robert Service a famous Yukon poet.

We traveled from Skagway through the Scenic White pass into the Yukon with a few photos stops on the way. Our destination was a place where we could go dry land Dog Sledding and meet the sled dogs so that was a lot of fun. Included was a great barbeque lunch served where you could even eat in covered wagons set up with tables. We talked to those who took the train and while they enjoyed it I think we saw more scenery and learned more from taking the smaller private tour and going by van. The town of Skagway is small and cute and is within walking distance (a good walk) from the pier. Ketchikan is very historic and interesting, we took a local tour of the town.

In Juneau we took a trip to a beautiful garden built on the side of a mountain which had had a landslide so it was amazing to see what they had created. Many of the upturned trees that had come down with the slide were turned into huge planters, the trunk down and roots up created a huge hanging basket. Some of those on our cruise had done the flights and also some fishing expeditions, the dining room staff even cooked up their freshly caught Salmon for our table to all enjoy!

Whatever you decide to do I know you will Love your cruise to Alaska. We were also lucky to see, seals, Bald Eagles, killer whales and see and hear the haunting sounds of the humpback whale along side the boat at dusk. Awesome!

Gail in beautiful sunny, Vancouver