Subject: Re: Belgium, Nederlands etc....
Hi Bill,

We did a week's travel in Belgium and the Amsterdam area in 2002, all by train. There are discounted tickets for the Netherlands (strippen cards). See the link in OUR links - Travel cards folder. Also information on trains and buses in the Transportation - Ground folder.

We found distances very short and trains frequent as well as cheap. They whisk you to city centres as well as serving smaller places. For example, we stayed in Haarlem and daytripped to Amsterdam. Train stations had good luggage lockers (you might have to ask a local how to use them!) and took the opportunity for a wander around some wonderful cities. Brugge (Bruges) is atmospheric and worth it. Others we enjoyed were Antwerp, Ghent and Brussels. In Brussels don't miss the ultra-touristy restaurant street, Rue des Bouchers and the sound and light show on the Grand Place at dusk (hope they still have it).

If you want b&b or restaurant suggestions, please post again.

Cheers, Frances Toronto, Canada