Subject: Re: Belgium, Nederlands etc.... restaurants
Hi Bill,

In Brussels, we ate at Aux Armes de Bruxelles on Rue de Bouchers. Hard to choose among them but this one had good recommendations. Lively, good food, a good price in spite of its touristiness!

In Brugge, we ate at Breydel-De Coninck, Breidelstraat 24 (Routard recommendation). Great fish. We also ate on the Markt at Craenenberg. Great beer and fabulous view of the square.

In Bruges, we stayed at a B&B (Dieltiens on Waalsestraat), a lovely traditional Brugge home, about 30 minutes walk from the train station and 10 minute walk from the Markt.

In Ghent, we had lunch in the Patershall district at the Brasserie t Klokhuys, Corduwaniersstraat 65. Friendly, english on menu, reasonably priced. I had a wonderful dish of white asparagus, smoked salmon and a light hollandaise type sauce. My husband had meat, lots of it (sausage, pork chop, bacon) with mashed potatoes with sorrel. 37 Euros for both of us, including a soup and 2 local beers for Richard.

In Amsterdam, we ate at the Pancake Bakery sitting by the canal. Apple and calvados. Yum! Prinsengracht 191.

When you have your itinerary ironed out, I am sure other Ziners will have recommendations.

BTW, the only thing about travel in Belgium is the dual language names (Bruges, Brugge and Gand, Ghent)

Frances Toronto, Canada