Subject: Mountain Passes (was New Swiss railway tunnel)
Ziners, I hate tunnels so we always try to take the Brooklyn Bridge instead of the Manhattan tunnel route when we travel from La Guardia to Manhattan. When we drove from Switzerland to France we took the road over the St. Bernard Pass. At the top of the pass there are kennels where the the dogs are bred. There is so much history there for travellers who want to stop and take the time to ask questions.

In the Canadian Rockies, we drove through the Kicking Horse Pass, which figures prominently in our history, leading to towns that time has passed by. In Colorado, we took the old road instead of the highway to get from Denver to Aspen. In both cases, we met local residents and saw incredible scenery.

This leads me to ask a question. What engineering marvels have you seen that Ziners should explore? Lucy, Toronto