Subject: Re: Scotland
Rosemary -

For such a short time in Scotland I would start from Edinburgh and drive to places close by, seeing the glorious countryside and charming towns. Places like Loch Lomond, Stirling and even up to Dundee. It is too short a spell to go to the Islands either the northern ones or even the western ones. I think you would feel the land more if you stayed on the mainland. There is a lot to do in Edinburgh itself.

I have been several times to Scotland and can tell you it is a joy to drive around that country. But you need time to be able to see it. When I went to the Northern Isles it was for twelve days between Shetland and Orkney and I wish I had had more time. In September I am planning to go to the Western Isles and of course, Edinburgh. Once to Scotland and one always wants to return there.

Have a great journey, Susana São Paulo, Brazil