Subject: Departure for Yukon
Hello Everyone!

I'm glad to finally announce that today is the day that i start my journey to the Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. Our departure date was pushed back a couple of times, but now is finally the time. I'm really excited and I want to thank everyone who gave some tips on where to go and what to do along the way.

I have also started a travel blog, where I will update everyone on my travels, and give summaries of all the exciting things I'll do while on the road, and while I'm spending my 5 months in Whitehorse. I'll be working for Grayline Tours, which is the land based subsidiary of Holland-America cruise line, so if any of you are taking the Alaskan cruise and plan on venturing inland give me a shout and I'll be able to help you plan fun activites while you're in the area!

Anyways thanks again, and here is the address for my blog:

Talk to you all later, Diana L. Barrie, ON (soon to be Whitehorse, YK)