Subject: Re: Wine purchases in London and Ireland
Hi, Lucy-Ziner/Zineophile:

In London, we stay in self-catering apartments, and often kick back with dinner and a bottle (or two) of wine. Best prices we've found were in the Sainsbury and Safeway supermarkets. Safeway offers a line of private-brand wines at attractive prices that generally are quite good. Hunt around the wine department and you'll find a cardboard six-bottle carrier. Fill it up with any of their wines and you'll get an extra ten percent off the regular price at the checkout.

Thanksgiving 2003 in the Hyde Park area, we found a store at 2119 Connaught Street of the Thresher's wine store chain. A remarkable selection of interesting wines, much broader than the supermarkets, at favorable prices. We bought some really good bottles from their display of sale-priced featured wines. We didn't try them, but they also had for sale a line of attractive-looking takeway reheatable gourmet meals which had been prepared by a local chef.

Jerry in E TN USA