Subject: Re: Gibraltar and Morocco
Hi Mark and Ziners,

Mark, are you planning to travel to Morocco alone or with a group tour?

Back in 2001, I travelled with a group from Portugal to Tangiers, Morocco. We stayed overnight in Algeciras, Spain and took a Hovercraft from Gibraltar to Tangiers.You will go through customs in Gibraltar. I think the trip took 1 1/2 hours. There is a ferry that leaves from there as well but it takes 3 hours to cross.

Upon landing in Tangiers, we were met by a guide and 3 bodyguards. We were instructed to stay with our group at all times. A bodyguard walked on each side of our group and one walked at the back. We were told that this was for safety reasons because tourism is an important economy for them.

We were also accompanied, throughout our tour by 'peddlers' who tried to sell us everything from bracelets to rugs.

Since our trip was prepaid we didn't need ATMs but we did use charge cards for our purchases.

Everyone we met spoke English. English is a compulsory subject in their schools, we were told.

We were also told never to take pictures of anyone without asking permission.

I found the trip exciting and most interesting. I hope you do too.

All the best, Orysia, Kitchener ON