Subject: Re: Sonoma California
Hi all! I couldn't agree with Bonnie more about the Camellia Inn. Stayed there a couple years ago and enjoyed the rooms, excellent breakfasts, great location, and the nice inn keepers. In the late afternoon they had a daily tasting of their own wine (yes, Camellia Inn label and all). We were initially very skeptical, and tasted to be polite. It was fantastic! We ended buying about six bottles and schlepped it back to Maryland (would have purchased more if we weren't flying). My wife and I are not wine snobs, but we've tasted a few wines in our day (ok, more than a few). Their wines were definitely quality stuff.

I really enjoyed Healdsburg. The town square is surrounded with restaurants, food shops, wine tasting rooms, wine stores, and boutiques. A thoroughly delightful place.

Have a great time! Mark Mitchell Boyds, Maryland USA