Subject: Re: Retrieving money on travels
Hi Lucy,

We were in St Petersburg in January and I agonized over what currency to use...

We used currency exchange offices to change our money from dollars to rubles. Rubles were easier to use everywhere although certainly charge cards are accepted in larger places as are Euros and Dollars. In the smaller and really fun markets the ruble is more convenient for everyone...and faster.

The thing is: when exchanging dollars...they are very careful! They want only neat and clean dollars. Nothing wrinkled or ripped or frayed. This is really important. They wont accept them at exchanges or at markets where the volume of trade isnt huge.

Anna, our guide had told me about that in advance and guide books do point that out but I didnt really think it was that important... I wound up getting our hotel to let me pay in dollars and dumped all the rejects there!

Joan Malden Bridge NY